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What Are Nano Brows?

Nano brows are done with a single needle and a device.  Some artists call this treatment digital hair stroke brows. The device features an extremely fine needle, which vibrates and pierces the skin, depositing pigments in tiny dots that add up to strokes. 

Are Nano Brows Better Than Microblading? 

Nano Brows is the only technique that is possible to achieve ultra-realistic brows with individual strokes (representing individual hairs) that change in density and thickness over a single stroke and between different strokes when they are being executed properly by experience nano brows artist. By using various colors, pressures, and movements of the needle it is possible to make different stroke effects to suit anyone. Due to the technique which doesn't cut through the skin like traditional microblading, it cause way less trauma to the skin and give a longer lasting result too. Schedule a consultation today if you are searching with nano blading Houston, machine brows Houston, Houston nano brows and much more.

Nano brows Houston | Microblading 

What Our Clients Say

nano-brows review04.jpg

All about eyebrows! I recently had my eyebrows done and still can't figure out why I didn't have it done sooner?! I never knew how to shape or fill in my brows and didn't realize what a difference they make! Gene customized the perfect brow for me and I am thrilled with the results! A huge thank you for your amazing work! 

~Haley @redrhinestone - social media influencer


About Gene 
KL, Malaysia  / Houston, USA

Having been in the beauty industry for more than 13 years, Gene is one of Malaysia’s most respected make up artists. She has been presented with numerous accolades, and has been consistently ranked as one of Malaysia’s top 10 makeup artists. 

Gene discovered her passion for cosmetic tattoo in 2016 through her involvement in the beauty industry. Since then, she built her client base to become one of Malaysia’s most trusted cosmetic tattoo artists and now she is one of the best artists in both nano brows and microblading in Houston.


Gene loves her work and appreciates the trust received from her clients. Gene prides herself on her attention to detail as well as her attention to you. She is grateful to be able to create something that clients have been dreaming about and enjoys making those vision come true. The greatest satisfaction she gets from her job comes from experiencing the reaction of her clients when they see their new eyebrows!


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