Learn the art of microblading from Gene Phillips

A 1- 1 Training Course is available to introduce you to the world of microblading. This personal 1-1 microblading course, taught by Gene Phillips, will allow you to learn the details and to master the skill of Microblading, from profiling clients to brow mapping and microblading. You will perform the procedure on actual live model. You will leave this class with fully confident to start your new venture in microblading.


A) Theory 

B) Techniques

C) Home practice exercise assignments

D) Demonstration

E) Practicum

F) 6 months Post Graduation Support


A) Theory:

  • Definition of Permanent Makeup

  • Prevention of Transmission of Communicable diseases -BBP

  • Skin types & Results expectation

  • Tools

  • Pigments

  • Anesthetics

  • Face shapes & Brows design


B) Techniques:

  • Profiling a Client for their Personal Style

  • Achieving Eyebrow Symmetry - Brow mapping 

  • The 4 PARTERN Hair strokes which suits all different type of hair growth

  • The Method for MICRO FEATHERING Eyebrows


C) Home practice exercise assignments:

  • Practice of creating different hair strokes pattern on paper

  • Practice on fake skin using the tool


D) Demonstration:

  • Demonstration of Microblading technique by Gene Phillips


E) Practicum:

  • Practice of brow shaping & mapping

  • Practice of color selection

  • Practice of Microblading technique on live models under instructor’s supervision


F) 6 Months Post Graduation Support 

  • You will be able to contact me directly for any questions. 


  • GPBA  Microblading Training Manual and Workbook

  • 20 disposable hand tools

  • 6 bottles of Li pigment

  • 1 pack of Water wipes 

  • 10 Aftercare Cream for models

  • 20 Pigment Cups

  • 2 Marking Markers

  • Brow Shaping tools 

  • Alcohol Wipes

  • Disposables: Masks /Gloves/Hair Covers

  • 8 Fake Skin Mat



  • First 50% as deposit.

  • Balance of 50% before you start the class.



  • Client Pre Procedure Agreement

  • Client Consent  & Medical History Form

  • A Certificate of completion


When I took Gene’s training, not only did I gain a lot of knowledge but I also found so much confidence. Gene will observe each step and make sure you will succeed to reach your goal. She will tell you where your mistakes are so you will know where you need to improve.

There is great communication and support from Gene. She is dedicated and it is apparent she loves what she does and cares about her students.

~ Elizabeth Simmons, Houston

"I am so glad I decided to go with Gene's 1 to 1 course. Gene's work is exquisite, truly an artist! Her teaching methods are straightforward and simple, which makes eyebrow feathering a little less intimidating. She also provides on going support and patiently attended to all questions along the way, even after the course. Ever so generous with her knowledge. She is a natural at teaching and so passionate about eyebrows. Thank you Gene for training me, forever grateful. 

Highly recommended and totally worth it!!"

~ Chee Eer, Kuala Lumpur

I recently finished the training from Gene Phillips Brow Art and can't be more thankful of all her guidance.

I had previously attended another microblading courses before I trained with Gene, but I hadn't developed my technique and also I wasn't confident enough to perform the procedure without any guidance. I am so glad that I signed up the 1-1 microblading course that I managed to learn the details and also realized what I could improve.

I highly recommend Gene's course to all students who want to develop their skills further.

~Tyna, Austin

I took the training from Gene and I loved it! Her attention to detail in all that she teaches is really amazing. You can tell how passionate she is about eyebrows and she is always happy to share all she knows. There was so much to learn. Would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn microblading!




Monday - Thursday   8:30 am - 2:30pm

Friday - Saturday   9am - 4:00pm        

T.     +1 (864) 324 2612

E.    gene.browart@gmail.com

A:    24551 Katy Fwy, Katy, TX 77494 ( Suite 801 )

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